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Post by enil on Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:47 pm

I decided to make a avi contest......*all know i like to change avis*
so it will be a nice way to get some smexy avis and have fun :3

Simple ppl Make a avi that must folow the things below
-Must chose if the avi is for Enil or Mini
-Like my friends and ppl that made me all the avis Till now u must chose :
a) -Dark,smexy,Perv For Enil - rooarr
b) -Light,Innocent,sweet for Mini - meooww
-The pic u use MUST NOT be used by other ppl in TNR ....since the i wont use it and ull drop from the contest
- Each Person Can Make 1 avi for Enil and Mini but can NOT make 2 avis for same acc
-All Links etc Will be Sent Only to Mini :3

Since all that is said The Contest will :
Start: Today 05.09 :3 yea had it in my nindo then
End: 22.10 -lucky nr :3 rooarrr

cheers Prize cheers
* NR1 - will get 2mil Ryo ( 2 avis will get that One for Enil one for Mini)
* And the Rest (that i liked) will get 100k each for there work done

Fin....urs Enil Rooarrrr cat
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Post by Piral on Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:54 am

so who won? heh
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