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Mass Horizon Migration Empty Mass Horizon Migration

Post by Misc on Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:51 am

Well this is mainly intended for people in horizon, although it's basically just listing people that intend to leave since horizon's regen is still not fixed. I will list pros and cons of horizon here

1. Serious crimes don't get you kicked (not checked how many of 50 active raiders are ryo alts)
2. Less noobs/annoying people in tavern

1. Our regen costs around 10x (i.e. horizon ninja need to kill 10x more to get same regen) as much as regen in shroud/glacier and people seem to imagine that's balanced
2. We cannot get any village jutsus outside horizon, so are severely limited in jutsu we can use, especially in chuunin/jounin ranks
3. We cannot go bounty hunter, so no useful occupations when generals are capped
4. It costs on average 40 rep to get in
5. It has less regen than shroud and glacier
6. Since village upgrades like hospital/shop/walls/anbus are based on static increases we have to pay a much higher price per ninja per upgrade

To be honest looking at that list horizon has no actual benefits and has a huge number of drawbacks. If anyone else is planning or seriously considering leaving please post here. It would be interesting to see how much of horizon's 60 odd ninja are not happy with current state of game balance in relation of village and if we are all pretty much united it can't really be neglected eternally. Also if you have any other disadvantages I missed or even benefits feel free to add them


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Mass Horizon Migration Empty Re: Mass Horizon Migration

Post by Misc on Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:12 am

seems it's fixed from what I heard, so thread can be deleted

Paranoia I think, although need to get marisa to check new regen costs


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