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Post by Ocean on Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:34 pm

Contest - Claim it or not

- Total Prize : PB
- Total Kills : TK

- There will be 5 prizes that will be given out by proportion from the Total Prize

- This is how many kills you need for the prizes
1st -> TK/15*5 -> PB/15*5
2nd -> TK/15*4 -> PB/15*4
3rd -> TK/15*3 -> PB/15*3
4th -> TK/15*2 -> PB/15*2
5th -> TK/15*1 -> PB/15*1

- If a team reaches for example 5th prize, they can chose to claim the prize or continue for the 4th prize, but if they chose to claim the prize and if they want to continue for the 4th your kills will be reduced according to which prize you took, so if you want to claim 5th and 4th prize you need (TK/15*1) + (TK/15*2) = (TK/15*3) kills and to get the 3rd too, you need (TK/15*3) + (TK/15*3),... and so on. If you chose not to claim the 5th prize then you just need (TK/15*2) kills to claim the 4th prize.

- There are only 5 prizes. The event will be over once all of the prizes are claimed

- How is it fun?

Think :
1) It involves team discussion to claim which prize (for greatest interest)
2) It needs good strategy to make sure your competitors wont claim your prizes first
3) It is possible to win all the prize if your team is incredible strong


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AZC System Empty Re: AZC System

Post by wedding on Wed May 18, 2011 11:13 am

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